CHiQ CSS618NWD 622L Side By Side Fridge


Inverter Motor
Door Alarm
Fast Freezing
LED Lighting
Twist Ice Maker

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The CHiQ 622L Side by Side Fridge in pristine white is the epitome of modern refrigeration, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with efficient design. Powered by an Inverter System, this fridge operates quieter than traditional compressors while ensuring your food stays fresher for longer.

Say goodbye to manual defrosting with the Frost Free feature, which maintains the correct internal temperature for effective food preservation. You can trust that your food will remain in its best condition. The Multi Air Flow system guarantees that chilled air reaches every shelf quickly and uniformly, ensuring your groceries stay fresher for an extended period. No more worries about items spoiling prematurely. The CHiQ LECO System goes beyond conventional fridge cleaning. It actively dissolves abnormal odours and microorganisms while releasing natural CO2 and H2O materials to eliminate bacteria, ensuring your fridge stays hygienic. The Fast Freeze mode swiftly seals the freshness of stored items, making sure your frozen goods retain their quality. The convenience of a Non-Plumbed 4L Water Dispenser allows you to enjoy ice-cold water without the hassle of plumbing. Just fill the internal 4-litre water tank, and you’re ready to hydrate.

The CHiQ 622L Side by Side Fridge White isn’t just a kitchen appliance; it’s a testament to modern technology and efficient living, ensuring your food stays fresh and your kitchen remains stylish.

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1817H x 914W x 748D


Carton Damaged Stock


Discounted Retail


3 Year Manufacturer


This product is covered by a 3 year Australia wide manufacturer warranty (5 Years if registered at time of purchase).


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Factory second products are sold due to common imperfections such as a scratch, dent, ex display, ex demonstration, minor re work, carton damage and/or changeover products.

What is the difference between Factory Second (NAT) and Factory Second (BNE)?

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Factory Second (BNE) are Products which work as the Manufacture intended, and is covered by a Brisbane based non-cosmetic warranty which is an in house warranty if located within a 40KM radius to the Brisbane CBD, or a return to base warranty if the product is located outside this radius.

Refurbished products may be resold by the manufacturer or supplier after repairing a minor defect and testing to verify proper function. These types of seconds may also be deemed as refurbished due to the appliance being an ex-demonstration model, used for a short period of time or used as a test unit.

RETAIL (Carton Unit)
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