4 types of fridges

4 main type of fridges for your house

Here we look at the four main types of fridges, and how they might suit your kitchen.

The humble refrigerator is the staple of your kitchen; it stands quietly in the corner, serving you every day, sometimes for decades on end. So when it’s time to purchase a new fridge, you want to choose the right one for you, your family, and your kitchen. So where to begin? Here are the four main types of fridges, and how they might fit into your home.

Learn about 4 types of fridges

Top Freezer Refrigerators

Top freezer fridges feature the top third of the unit as a freezer, and the remaining bottom two-thirds dedicated to fresh food storage. This style of fridge is the most common, as it is the least expensive both to purchase and to maintain. It’s also the type most people think of when they hear the word ‘fridge’ – once upon a time, this was the only style on the market.

However, taste in kitchen appliances has come a long way, and while this type is certainly serviceable, there are sleeker, more modern units available for you to choose from.

But if you prefer cost efficiency over style, then the top freezer unit is the way to go.

Fisher & Paykel 517L Stainless Steel Fridge E521TRX4

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

There’s not too many differences between the aforementioned top freezer unit and the bottom freezer variety – the main one being, as the name would suggest, that the freezer is located at the bottom of the fridge instead of the top. This type of fridge makes it much easier to locate commonly used, fresh ingredients – no bending over!

However, it does mean that frozen foods and ice are located in the vicinity of your ankles. If you regularly use frozen ingredients, the bottom freezer fridge might present too much of a hassle for you.

Bottom freezer fridges tend to be slightly larger than their top freezer counterparts, however there isn’t as much variety in styles to choose from.

Westinghouse 430L Bottom Mount Fridge WBM4300WBR

Side-by-side Refrigerators

The side-by-side fridge offers vertical storage for both fridge and freezer, with doors that split the unit down the middle to open the same way a closet would. This means no stooping for any ingredients! Side-by-sides tend to be narrower than the top and bottom freezer options, so they are perfect for a smaller/narrower kitchen.

Doors don’t need as much space to swing either, another plus if your kitchen is on the smaller side. Side-by-side units have a lot more features than their counterparts as well, and most of these are aimed at saving space in the fridge considering its narrower width. They also often feature things like water and ice dispensers.

The down side to this type of fridge is that the storage of larger items, such as frozen pizzas, becomes difficult due to the narrow shelving. If you choose a side-by-side fridge, make sure you select the biggest one that will fit in your kitchen to maximise the amount of shelf space.

Westinghouse 700L Side by Side Fridge WSE7000SF

French Door Refrigerators

French door fridges offer the best of both worlds, combining the side-by-side design with a bottom freezer. Wider shelves mean larger item storage is not a problem, and the side-by-side design means not as much space is needed for the doors to swing. Most French door units feature a freezer with a top and bottom shelf, with the top shelf being almost waist-high. This means less stooping for frozen ingredients.

French door fridges also come with many of the features seen in the regular side-by-side units, including water and ice dispensers. This type of fridge is the most stylish and modern unit available on the market, and is available in a variety of colours and styles. The only draw-back to selecting this type of fridge is the price tag – this are the most expensive type of fridge.

However, if you’re willing to lay out a little extra cash, the French door fridge would be an excellent addition to any kitchen.

Fisher & Paykel 614L French Door Fridge RF610ADUSX5

Other Options

Whilst there are four major types of fridges currently on the market, there are a few other refrigeration options to look at as well. These include:

  • Counter depth fridges – these fridges are shallower in depth, designed to blend in with your cupboards and counter tops.
  • Freezer-less fridges – as the name would suggest, these units are for fresh food storage only, perfect if you already have a separate freezer.
  • Refrigerator drawers – a luxury item seen in more expensive kitchens, these pull-out drawers fit under your counter top like a dishwasher would.
  • Wine/drinks cooler – designed specifically to keep drinks refrigerated. These can range from a basic, small unit up to an elaborate full-size fridge, depending on your needs and budget.

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