Westinghouse WFEP9757DD 90cm Induction Pyrolytic Freestanding Stove


Twin Fan System for Even Cooking
Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning Oven
AirFrying For that perfect crunch
Induction Cooking
Hob2Hood Feature

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Introducing the Westinghouse 90cm electric freestanding oven, featuring an innovative Induction cooktop, a versatile multi-function 10 pyrolytic oven, and several convenient cooking features like EasyBake +Steam and AirFry. Experience the ultimate safety and efficiency of induction cooking, delivering heat almost twice as fast as gas or electric methods, saving you both time and money. What sets induction apart is its ability to generate heat directly in the cookware, keeping surrounding surfaces cool to the touch, and ensuring a cooler and safer cooking environment. Additionally, the smooth surface makes cleaning a breeze, as spills can be effortlessly wiped away.

With Hob2Hood technology, the oven works harmoniously with compatible rangehoods to eliminate cooking smells and steam from your kitchen automatically. As you begin cooking, the rangehood will intuitively adjust its fan speed and airflow, providing a truly hands-free and convenient experience.

Keeping your oven spotless is simple with Westinghouse’s PyroClean option. With just a press of a button, the oven heats up to an extremely high temperature, turning grease and grime into ash, which can then be easily wiped away. No need for harsh chemicals or extensive scrubbing – just a sparkling clean oven with minimal effort.

Indulge in healthier and delicious meals with minimal oil using the AirFry feature. Enjoy all the flavors without the guilt, as AirFry lets you create tasty meals for the entire family right in your oven.

The Westinghouse 90cm electric freestanding oven is proudly built in Australia, representing the heart of homes for generations. As a trusted and reliable kitchen appliance brand, Westinghouse has earned our confidence in manufacturing high-quality products. This particular oven is crafted locally in Adelaide, ensuring its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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906H x 895W x 600D


Factory Second (NAT) – Electrolux A Grade Unit


Factory Second (NAT) – Electrolux A Grade Unit


1 Year Manufacturer


This product is covered by a 1 year Australia wide manufacturer warranty.



Factory second products are sold due to common imperfections such as a scratch, dent, ex display, ex demonstration, minor re work, carton damage and/or changeover products.

What is the difference between Factory Second (NAT) and Factory Second (BNE)?

Factory Second (NAT) are Products which work as the Manufacture intended, and is covered by an Australia wide, non-cosmetic, in house or return to base warranty.

Factory Second (BNE) are Products which work as the Manufacture intended, and is covered by a Brisbane based non-cosmetic warranty which is an in house warranty if located within a 40KM radius to the Brisbane CBD, or a return to base warranty if the product is located outside this radius.

Refurbished products may be resold by the manufacturer or supplier after repairing a minor defect and testing to verify proper function. These types of seconds may also be deemed as refurbished due to the appliance being an ex-demonstration model, used for a short period of time or used as a test unit.

RETAIL (Carton Unit)
Retail units are unused, unopened, undamaged items and carry a national manufaturer’s warranty.

All Factory Second & Refurbished appliances come with a warranty and have been tested thoroughly and are sold in perfect working order.

All terms and definitions of what constitutes a refurbished or factory second appliance as listed above are to be used for general advice only and any/all representations stated above are not limited to why they have been categorised as a factory second and/or refurbished unit.