LG OLED TV C6 55 inch


LG OLED TV C6 55 inch

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  • HDR – High Dynamic Range
  • Dolby Vision™
  • No Backlight – Perfect Black
  • Smart TV Built-In & Netflix Recommended
  • Curved Screen
  • Enhanced Motion Clarity
  • Product Class: Factory Second
  • Pricing Class: B Grade Pricing

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55 inch LG OLED TV – CURVED 4K UHD – C6T

  • OLED TV – The Future of Television. LG OLED TV redefines television to create a unique sense of realism. This is not just a new TV, this is a whole new category of Television. The C6T series, with its immersive curved screen, adds style and substance to any living room.
  • Take the LG OLED TV Challenge. LED/LCD TVs use a technology that includes a backlight, so black scenes are diluted by this lighting that often makes black look charcoal grey.LG OLED TV has no backlight. You’ll see detail in dark scenes in movies that LED/LCD TVs just can’t deliver.Take the LG OLED TV Challenge in store today and see the difference for yourself.
  • Self-lighting Pixel. The key to OLED TVs incredible picture quality is the way light is produced. OLED has self lighting pixels, as opposed to backlighting used in LED/LCD TV’s. This means the pixels can switch on and off individually, only producing light where it’s required.
  • Perfect Black. Explosive Colour. With no backlight, no other TV can beat the perfect black of OLED.
    The perfectly black background propels incredibly explosive colours. In fact, a billion colours. It’s just brilliant.
  • Infinite Contrast. Stars shine the brightest in the pitch black sky.
    LG OLED TVs have an infinite contrast ratio, so it displays brilliant whites to the deepest black for an enhanced sense of realism. Higher contrast is better, and Infinite has been impossible… until OLED.
  • 4K Ultra HD. With 8.3 million pixels, LG 4K UHD TV provides you with incredibly detailed and crisp pictures. It’s the combination of OLED technology with 4K Ultra High Definition that makes for a truly special viewing experience.
  • HDR – High Dynamic Range. HDR enhances the graduation of contrast in the light and dark areas of an image as well as the colour to create a new level of realism. It’s possible through the advancement of cinema cameras in the last few years, which now enable cinematographers to capture scenes in multiple ways, and blend them together.

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Additional information

Screen Type (OLED/LED)


Screen size (Inch/cm)

55" (138cm)


3840 x 2160

Response Time


HDR10 - High Dynamic Range¹


Dolby Vision


Magic Remote


Voice Commands²


EPG (SI - 8 days)


User Guide (Built-in)


Audio Output


Speaker System

2 way 4 speaker (2 x High-Mid-range, 2 x Woofers)

harman/kardon® Design


HDMI 2.0a

Yes (3)

W x H x D with stand

1225mm x 762mm x 191mm

W x H x D without stand

1225mm x 714mm x 88mm