Beko 8kg Front Load Washer WMY8046LB2


Beko 8kg Front Load Washer WMY8046LB2

  • ProSmart Inverter Motor Technology
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Extra large door
  • 4 Star Energy Rating
  • Product Class: Retail New
  • Pricing Class: Retail New

$799.00 $729.00

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BEKO WMY8046LB2 8kg front load washer

  • Prosmart inverter motor technology. Direct ProSmart Inverter Motor Technology provides superior efficiency and reliability by consuming less energy whist prolonging the life of the machine. Uniquely patented unbalanced load detection and combination of different wash motions will deliver a superior washing experience.
  • Pet Hair Removal. Beko has developed a smart solution for pet lovers with a function that removes pet hair on laundry during the wash cycle. When this function is selected, your machine adds a pre-wash and additional rinsing steps to the normal cycle.
  • Extra large door. For easy loading and unloading of larger items of laundry like duvets or bed linen.
  • Cool Hygeine 20. CoolHygiene 20 °C Program washes your lightly soiled clothes at 20 degrees providing hygienic wash results while still keeping the look of your clothes. The hygienic wash results of CoolHygiene 20 °C Program is tested and approved by independent VDE Test Institute.
  • Anti allergy+. Specially designed to care for babies and toddlers or for people with sensitive skin, it extends the washing time and applies extra rinsing to avoid allergy problems related to sensitive skin.
  • Handwash. This program enables you to safely wash delicate hand-wash fabrics such as silk and cashmere. It creates a particularly gentle wash action, so the agitation is minimized to avoid shrinkage. The program also uses less water, thus preventing excess absorption by the fibres on fabric. Which can often result in clothes stretching or being damaged.
  • Daily Quick. The Daily Xpress program has been designed to wash slightly soiled, unstained cotton garments quickly, especially items that have been used only once, like bathrobes, duvet covers, sport wear, daily clothes, etc. Full capacity laundry can be washed 30°C in just 28 minutes. The program also allows washing in all temperatures between 0-90°C.


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Height 840mm, Width 600mm, Depth 600mm

Product Class

Retail New

Price Class

Retail New



Energy Star Rating

4 Star

Water Star Rating

4.5 Star

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