Beko Dishwasher DFN16420W


Beko Dishwasher DFN16420W

  • Antibacterial Seal
  • Quick & Clean Program
  • Tablet Detergent Button
  • Active Fan Drying
  • Product Class: Retail New
  • Pricing Class: Retail New

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BEKO DFN16420W White Dishwasher

  • Antibacterial Seal. Due to the dirt accumulation over time, bacteria reproduction may occur on the gasket of the dishwashers. The Antibacterial Seal on Beko dishwashers acts as a guardian to block this formation.
  • Quick & Clean Program. The quick programmes are great for when you’re in a hurry and allow you the flexibility to wash a full load in 30 or 58 min. The program will vary depending on the level of dirt on the dishes, giving you the perfect solution for when you’re in a hurry.
  • Tablet Detergent Button. Beko dishwashers are equipped with a tablet detergent button to eliminate unsatisfactory drying results or undissolved tablet residues and assure maximum performance when tablet detergents are used.
  • Active Fan Drying. The Active Fan Drying System uses a fan to increase air circulation in the dishwasher to reach perfect drying results and to provide mild temperatures for your dishes when the program is finished.
  • Flexible Half Load. The Half Load function is perfect for days when you don’t have a large load of dishes to wash. It can help you save between 10-25% in energy and water consumption when washing half or smaller loads.
  • Time Delay. The wash cycle can be delayed for three, six, or nine hours (up to 24 hours on digital models) enabling you to plan your wash time more flexibly while taking advantage of reduced electricity rates.


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Height 850mm, Width 598mm, Depth 600mm

Product Class

Retail New

Price Class

Retail New

Exterior Finish


Energy Star Rating

3.5 Star Energy

Water Star Rating

4 Star Water